Business Model

With our innovative business model, get the perfect business opportunity on the way to successful cross-border trade and a wider reach into Indonesia.


We are proud of our strong partnerships and collaborations with government associations. These valued relationships reflect our commitment to upholding industry standards, driving innovation, and working with authorities to create a positive impact within our company.



Partners is a beauty, Korean, lifestyle e-commerce with the only online shopping mall concept in Indonesia. also offers a wide selection of products with the most complete collections such as beauty and health products, fashion, smartphones, smartphone devices and accessories, fresh food, groceries, furniture, household needs and many more. With the first online mall concept in Indonesia, always presents special and attractive discount promos from well-known brand products.

K-Mall which is operated in Indonesia as the main selling product of medium and highpriced brand products in the form of Mall in Mall, and only Korean products are operated by CBT method or direct purchase method. JK E-Commerce was established as a Korean branch of the local subsidiary SJ Global Indonesia, the official CBT seller of, and is a company that mainly operates CBT product discovery and business cooperation in Korea.

Amelicano Shop. Introducing quality products from MSMEs in South Korea that were carefully selected one by one by Content Creator Amelia Tantono (Amelicano). Together partnering also with (K-Mall) as sales channel.

Our Businesss Partners

Dens.TV is a combination of TV & VOD channels, accessible interactively through various devices anywhere and anytime. Dens.TV is a product of PT Digdaya Duta Digital, part of CBN Group, one of the best Internet service providers and telecommunication networks in Indonesia. A Digital Life Solution Provider, offering a wide range of Internet Protocol (IP) based multimedia services

Our Brand Partners

We've partnered with many brands to provide commerce business expansion into the Indonesian market.